08 October 2010

Nepenthes 'Alata'

It's always interesting to go back through old photos and realize how your plant specimens have grown, given the proper care and treatment. I happened to pick up this Nepenthes 'Alata' from Oakland Nurseries in Delaware, Ohio in August 2007. It had a Deroose Plants tag on it, so it is likely is the Nepenthes 'Alata' cultivar that they produce. I'm not sure of the hybrid parentage, but it obviously has heavy Nepenthes alata influences.
28 August 2007, right after I first got her.

13 August 2008. Almost a year later and she has grown so much! Still in the original pot, but not for long.

3 October 2010. I moved her to the Kenyon College greenhouse and repotted in a much larger container. She has gotten so large now that I tie up the longest lianas on the greenhouse infrastructure. The longest liana measures at over ten feet and she's still growing!

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