15 April 2011


Nepenthes! I've had a proliferation of Nepenthes putting out pitchers, so I went around taking photos today. From the top left across the rows: Nepenthes boschiana × densiflora, N. jamban, N. maxima × trusmadiensis, N. alata, N. ventricosa (? from Lowe's), Nepenthes "Miranda", N. mikei, unknown Nepenthes hybrid that looks like Nepenthes x henryana to me, and N. mikei again.

I've been growing Nepenthes for about 5 years, but until now I have not had any flower for me. And of course, it had to be the one that I rescued from the Lowe's deathcube!

Nepenthes ventricosa with inflorescence from a Lowe's deathcube

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  1. Hi Ryan, just stumbled upon your blog while looking for something written by Andreas! Looks great, I'll be back around to check in. Shawnintland@gmail.com
    PS I found one of those ventricosa (FM) all the way over here in Thailand and it's flowering as well, seeds almost ready.