17 March 2012

Berry Go Round #49

Oops. Looks like I've been neglecting the link-back duty. At the end of February, Bora Zivkovic over at A Blog Around The Clock posted the results of all submissions from February botany-related posts. Among the gems this month were not one but two (Elizabeth Preston and Ed Yong, respectively) discussions of the news that scientists were successful in resurrecting a living plant from seed tissue hidden away by squirrels 30,000 years ago. And then there's the provocatively-titled Are Sheep Better at Botany than the US Government? by Jason G. Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal. And you must not miss the wonderful post by Colin Beale, The paradox of the prickly: Why grow thorns if they don't work? at one of my favorite group blogs, Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! And for the chemically-minded, there's a great post by Andrea Wills titled, Why "Natural" isn't always better: almond extract and cyanide.

Well, you get the point. Go check them all out! And if you have any plant-related posts, consider submitting them or nominating someone else's for the March compilation, which will be hosted by Greg Laden over at ScienceBlogs.

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